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4 Things You Need to Create a $10K – $100K Monthly Business

If you follow me, you know that I’m used to writing long meaty posts. But since some folks complain of the length, this will be as short as possible, yet extremely resourceful.

Best part: if you implement what I’ll share with you, getting to $10K in your first or second month won’t be very difficult if you put in the initial work.

The 4 things you need in order to earn $10K – $100K per month – depending on the size of your ambition – is probably what you know already, but the problem is that only a handful of people execute this with precision.

So if you can execute each one of these very well, you will be shocked at how fast you can hit $10K/mo in your first or second month.

So let’s dive right in, shall we?


1️⃣ You need to have a skill or skill set, wisdom, or knowledge that can help someone solve a major life or business problem.

Take for instance you can help someone lose weight and regain their confidence. As a doctor, you help someone overcome a health problem. Or, you can save someone’s marriage from going through a divorce. Or, you can help someone build sales funnel systems. Or, you can help someone set up Facebook ads that convert. Or, you can help someone find the exact type of home they’ve been wanting to purchase. Or, you help people do SEO. Or you could coach someone to get a specific outcome.

These are just a couple of examples. Think of thousands of other ways you could probably help someone achieve a transformation in their life or business.

When you have this under your belt, then you need the second ingredient to set up a $10K – $100k/mo producing business.


2️⃣ Create an ad to promote your skillset, wisdom or knowledge.

Where you create the ad doesn’t matter. It could be on Facebook, YouTube, Google, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc, etc.

What’s important here is finding where people who need your help hangout and creating a compelling ad to create an awareness of how you can help them with your skill, knowledge or wisdom.

When you get this right, then you need the third piece


3️⃣ You need to show your audience that you have what it takes to help them by actually helping them using a webinar or a simple video.

What’s important here is making sure you showcase your wisdom or knowledge in a way your potential client hasn’t thought of – helping them in the process. This is your opportunity to put your best foot forward and make them aware that you have everything it takes to help them achieve their desired goal.

Once you have this part well dialed in, only then can you have the final piece of the puzzle work in your favor, which is…


4️⃣ Getting them on the phone, or over Skype to enroll them as clients.

The thing with this part is that you need to understand what motivates your clients to bring out their credit card in order to get your help.

For this to work, you must have your client’s best interest at heart. You need to find out what their goals, their dreams and aspirations are. You need to know where they are at the moment and where they want to be in the nearest future. This way, if you have what it takes to really help them make it happen, then you get them signed up as new clients.

It’s important to mention that for this to work for you, you must have all 4 well dialed in. If just one of them is broken, your dream of $10K – $100K/mo will never be a reality.

And it’s also worth repeating that it takes real work and expertise to have all 4 well dialed in. But once you have these 4 well dialed in, the sky is just the starting point.

If you need assistance getting to $10K – $100K per month, I’ve created a special training that can help you do this.

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By Kennedy Cee

Kennedy Cee is a Master Business Coach and the founder & CEO of ClientsValley. He makes it effortless and exciting for coaches, consultants and service professionals to attract perfect new clients. ​​​​He's helped coaches, thought-leaders and service providers all over the world take their businesses from struggling to 5 and 6-figures per month, while serving the world with complete integrity and authenticity.