Get to Know Kennedy Cee

The Early Days

Back in 2010, Kennedy Cee was a computer hardware repair guy earning about $10 an hour fixing computer hardware systems. With bills to pay, and a family to take care of, he quickly realized that fixing computer systems at his current hourly rates won't cut it.

In 2011, he stumbled on to internet marketing after reading an ad online. In response to the ad, he borrowed some money from friends to invest in courses on online marketing. This was the beginning of his journey into the online marketing world.

Starting a Business Online

After Kennedy bought a couple of courses on online marketing and copywriting, he started selling eBooks and other digital products on the internet. He remembers his excitement on making his first sale on a Sunday morning on his way to Church. That first notification of payment from PayPal is a memorable one. From there, he found out what works and doubled up on it. 

He discovered that the secret to selling a lot more digital products than the competition was having a great sales copy. Immediately, he signed up for courses on writing great sales copy. Kennedy started learning copywriting from guys like Gary Halbert, Jay Abraham, John Carton, Gary Bencivenga, Dan Kennedy, just to name a few.

This paid off in leaps and bounds. He started selling his digital products like hotcakes and made good money doing this. The problem of paying the bills got solved and he was on his way to building wealth. But Kennedy wanted to go beyond just wealth building. He craved to bring tangible transformation to the lives of people as a result of doing business with him.

The Missing Link

Although Kennedy Cee was making a lot of money selling digital products, he felt something was missing. There was deep dissatisfaction within his soul. This was because most people who bought these eBooks and digital products hardly got any results from the purchase. Most buyers end up dumping the products on their hard drive without actually using them.

For a few who were determined to use the information, most of them got overwhelmed along the way. Always looking out for his customers using surveys, he discovered most of them never do anything with the products they purchase in the form of eBooks, courses and other digital products. Then he decided it's time to offer one-on-one services -- tailored down to customers' needs.

Offering Tailored Services

Selling digital products is the easiest way to make money on the internet. They're created once and sold a gazillion times. Hence most people hardly get any results from them. But offering services is different. Services are a lot harder to deliver as they are tailored down to each individual client's needs.

Being good with words by now, he decided to try out his hands writing sales copy for clients. Having no track record or any client testimonials since it's a brand new service, he started offering landing page copywriting gigs on Fiverr. Within a short period, he was charging $100 per landing page written -- when competitors were charging $5 for the same service. This was during Fiverr's inception.

Although Kennedy was charging 20 times more than most sellers in the same category on Fiverr, folks were ordering for his gigs in droves. This was because the results people got from his landing pages were amazing - with conversion rates a ton higher than the average conversion rates in any market. Since he couldn't keep up with orders, he eventually moved out of Fiverr and started offering his copywriting services on the Warrior Forum -- the internet's #1 marketing forum. 

On the Warrior Forum, the same thing happened. Kennedy quickly became one of the best sellers. When folks were charging $100 and $500 for their services, he was charging $5,000 for the same service. However, he was offering greater value than anyone else and crushing it.  He went a step further to make it a complete sales funnel (marketing funnel) package in order to deliver more value to his clients. 

This he was able to do because he had a little bit of tech skills, coding applications and web pages. Now Kennedy was much happier working one-on-one with clients, and watching them get results from engaging his services. You can read some of the glowing reviews here.

Seeking for More

By 2013 and 2014, Kennedy was crushing it selling sales funnel packages. His sales funnels had stunning conversion rates -- literally through the roof. This service was bringing in $30,000 to $60,000 per month in revenue. By 2016, he was beginning to get unhappy and dissatisfied again. The reason was that a lot of people snagging up his sales funnel services weren't getting great results like before.

The cause of this problem was two-fold. First was as a result of the rising competition in the internet marketing space. Sales funnels were becoming increasingly popular on the internet and as a result, watered down and ineffective.

The second reason was that most folks buying the sales funnel packages thought a great sales funnel was all they needed in order to run a successful business online. They come aboard without having other parts of their business dialed - like their mindset, having the right sales skills, etc - a must-haves to run a successful business online and off.

To fix this problem, Kennedy Cee started ClientsValley, a business coaching and marketing consulting company focused on helping entrepreneurs attract all the clients they want. ClientsValley doesn't just help entrepreneurs create powerful sales funnels, and cutting-edge marketing systems for client-attraction, it also equips them with a solid mindset to blast through their fears and limiting beliefs, teaching them how to make selling fun and giving them the best support in the world -- all geared towards helping clients achieve phenomenal success and exponential results in their business.

Today, Kennedy has helped hundreds of coaches, experts, doctors and other service pros scale their businesses to 6 and 7-Figures. And, he does this with total transparency and complete integrity - making the world a little better than he met it.

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