Would You Like a Completely Done-for-You Super High Converting Sales Funnel Built for You Without Touching a Thing?

This is only for serious business owners who care about making consistent sales."

From: The Desk of Coach Kennedy

Time: Monday, 7:15 AM Pacific Time

Dear Smart Business Owner,

It bothers me to see thousands of business owners and marketers struggling to convert their website visitors and leads into customers - when it's really easy. In a moment I will show you what I mean with live proofs. So take your time to read up every single word below.

Let me briefly introduce myself. My name is Kennedy Cee but most people know me as Coach Kennedy. That is a picture of me right above there. I'm here with my team of top-notch professional web designers, developers and copywriters.

I'm an experienced marketing consultant, a professional copywriter and an online business coach. I get much pleasure from helping people like YOU with their problems and challenges - especially online business related problems.

This is primarily why I opened up this amazing service here - after shutting it down a long time ago! Because lately, I see a lot of business owners struggling - specially due to the global pandemic.

Now let me ask you a couple of questions.

Are you making the kind of money you want in your business?

Have you bought courses, software, coaching programs, training after training and still no return on your investments?

Let me let you in on some little secrets.

  1. Expecting to generate consistent income in your business without a battle-tested high converting sales funnel is mission impossible.
  2. There's no such thing as a "one size fits all" sales funnel. This is critical because your business is different.
    You have a different price point, a different offer, and a unique market you're going after. So anyone that tells you "this funnel will work great!" without trying to find out how your business works is blindly naive or just want to make a sale.
  3. You will die working if you don't find a way to make money while you're asleep... and a high converting funnel is the easiest way I know to achieve this online
  4. You get what you pay for - the majority of the low-price products and services you've been buying will not take you or your business to any where. Why? Because quality is expensive and brings desirable results.

Now does this sound like you?

You know your stuff and you’ve got the right product or service that can get your customers great results... but you can’t seem to get enough clients CONSISTENTLY.

You have peaks and valleys – some months are huge with money pouring in and others are starving and dry.

You’re getting customers from methods that are not consistent or predictable… you’re getting your clients from referrals, networking events and occasionally from social media, etc…

You don’t have a system that brings in leads predictably and consistently and that’s stressful because you never know when your next customer will show up…

And then this:

You’re getting a lot of cheap leads or broke customers, or tons of freebie seekers, a lot of time vampires - not people who are seriously interested in your product or the service you offer…

You’re getting clients and customers who pay a lot less than your products and services are worth…and you work too hard to get them, but you can’t seem to turn them away because you need the money…

You feel like more quality customers is just the biggest missing link and only if you can FIX this, then every other thing will take off!

If This is How You Feel... Then I Got Good News For You!

If you can relate to my questions above and they describe how you feel, then I've got good news for you.

The good news is that the reason why you're experiencing those problems is simple -- you don't have an ultra high converting sales funnel that work for you on complete or near autopilot.

When you have a great sales funnel working for your business, everything changes almost overnight.

Now imagine this scenario:

What if you were suddenly able to get a flood of new customers every single week in your business - bringing in consistent income every single month - predictably?

What if you suddenly start getting a flood of new premium clients, day in, day out in your business… Regardless of your price?

What if you finally STOPPED WORRYING about where your next client will come from and beat the feast or famine syndrome in your business?

What if you could do all this using a powerful system that takes just a couple of days to a few weeks to setup instead of wasting months or years testing one dead strategy after another in a bid to get new customers?

And what if you can do all this, making a lot MORE sales - all without being ‘salesy’, pushy or sounding desperate… while getting your customers better results because now you can focus your time on making your product or service better - instead of chasing customers?

All this is possible only when you have a great sales funnel in place.

But there is a problem...

The problem is that creating a great high converting sales funnel is not a walk in the park. It's becoming increasingly difficult to create a high converting sales funnel - if not impossible.

Here's why:

With the explosion of sales funnel building software systems online, anyone and their grandmother can spit out a sales funnel in days if not hours. Now what this means is that your sales funnel is competing with thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of other sales funnels in your marketplace. This has killed the effectiveness of sales funnels.

Here's what's interesting. Every single one of those software programs for building these funnels have identical pages and templates. The only difference is a change in some words on the pages.

This makes sales funnels in general almost dead. Chances are that you already have a couple sales funnels in place, but the results they bring is just depressing.

This begs the question, "how do I create a sales funnel that easily converts internet browsers into customers?"

The answer is simple: create a unique, powerful and high converting sales funnel, with a unique sales copy and unique flow and people will notice, and buy from you - even before considering your competition! If you look around the online marketing arena, this the key difference between the people who are killing it and the people struggling to pay bills.

This is why you need a unique and great sales funnel and you need it ASAP!

For emphasis, a great sales funnel does 5 KEY THINGS for your business:

  1. It builds your credibility and positions you as an authority in your marketplace 
  2. It greatly reduces your cost per acquisition of a new customer
  3. It makes you sales on complete or near AUTOPILOT
  4. It easily converts those on the fence into customers
  5. It lets you sleep better at night!

When you have a great sales funnel in place, bringing in new customers becomes a ton more easier and your business becomes more FUN!

A great sales funnel builds credibility and authority.

It greatly reduces your cost of acquiring a new customer.

It skyrockets your sales on complete or near autopilot.

It easily converts those on the fence into actual customers.

It let's you sleep a lot better at night with no worries.

It makes your business FUN FUN FUN!.

The Unlimited Benefits of Having an Ultra High Converting Sales Funnel...

The benefits of having a great sales funnel are too many to mention here. But for the lack of time - because I know you're busy, let me give you just a few points.

The first thing that happens when you have an ultra high converting sales funnel is that you discover that it's quite easy to convert website visitors in PAYING customers -- on complete or near autopilot - depending on your type of business -- even if they haven't heard of you.

Another one is that it builds your credibility and authority in your marketplace. Folks don't buy from strangers or people they don't trust. But with a great sales funnel, credibility and authority is established even before your visitors know it.

If you spend for instance $200 to get a new customer, when you have great sales funnel, it can slice that price down to $80 or $50 to get a new customer. This means more profits and more money in your bank account.

Another important benefit of having a great sales funnel is that you discover that your sales skyrockets on autopilot - with the least effort from your end. If you've been hanging out on social media or networking all day long in search of new clients and customers, with the right sales funnel, you can focus on improving your product or serving your customers - while your sales funnel handles the work of bringing them through the door.

How Lisa 5X Her Income While Working LESS...

For example, a few months ago, one of our clients who hangs out all day on Facebook and on LinkedIn, connecting with people and looking for new clients came to us.

She spent most of her time creating videos she posts on social media in a bid to attract new customers. This was working for her - bringing in new clients here and there. But nothing was predictable or consistent. And the worse part was that creating these new videos and hanging out on social media all day long was exhausting. All these backbreaking work was making her about $6,000 per month on the average, until she talked to us.

We took a long look at what she was currently doing. Then we used her materials to create a super high converting sales funnel for her. Now here's the result: 

In 4 short months, she made $84,621.45 - more than what she makes previously in a full year. This is the exact figures from her calculations. Best part: she stopped hanging out all day long on social media and started devoting more time to her daughter and clients. This is the power of having a great sales funnel working for you - you make more money while working a lot less than you are right now.

Now, did I mention that when you have a great sales funnel in your business, you sleep better at night and your business becomes more FUN?

I could go on and on on the benefits of having a super high converting sales funnel in your marketing arsenal, but I'll just make a quick summary below:

  • Generate consistent sales and revenue. When you have an ultra high converting sales funnel, making sales and generating revenue become consistent and predictable. You know how much you are going to bring in every month based on your sales funnel's conversion rate. If you want to make more money, you just increase the number of visitors coming to your sales funnel and that's it!
  • Easily convert people on the fence to customers. Although a good number of people who comes to your funnel will buy immediately if it's a high converting one, studies have shown that most people don't buy the first time they see a product or service. They usually need to see it about 5-8 times before making a buying decision. With a high converting sale funnel in place, you can present your product or service to them unlimited number of times - on complete autopilot and get them to buy -- days or weeks after seeing your product or service the first time!

Why You Can't Run a Successful Business Online Without a Sales Funnel - Not Just Any Funnel - an Ultra High Converting Sales Funnel

If you know my story, you already know that I started marketing online in 2011 as a direct response copywriter. I started selling landing page design and copywriting services on Fiverr -- at its inception, for $100 a pop -- when others were charging $5 for the same service. 

I was overwhelmed with sales  because people were ordering for the service in droves - despite the fact that I was charging 20X more. 

Why was that, you say? Good question. Because the conversion rates of my landing pages was through the roof!

Same thing happened when I took the service to the Warrior Forum - the internet's #1 marketing forum. I was charging $5,000 - $15,000 a pop for a sales funnel when others were charging $250 for the same service. Folks were snagging up the service in large numbers because the results people were getting from the funnels were just crazy.

I transitioned to building complete sales funnels for our customers because this was more effective than building just a standalone landing page. Here's my findings during those years of building sales funnels for business owners online:

The Key Difference Between Successful and Unsuccessful Businesses

I took a critical look at all the successful clients we've worked with over the years, and all other successful businesses online - both big and small. And I discovered that it doesn't matter what market they were in, it doesn't matter if they sell a $10 product or a $10,000 product.

It doesn't matter if they have crappy websites or great looking websites. It doesn't matter if they use organic traffic or paid advertising.

The ones that were successful and were able to scale their businesses to 6-figures and then millions of dollars in sales had one thing in common: they had an amazing, battle tested, ultra high converting sales funnel in place.

And the ones that didn't have it, continued struggling to make sales and grow their business online no matter what. That's why you need an ultra high converting sales funnel and you need it fast. And now I'm going to show you how you can get one built for you today.

Yes, Now Let Me Introduce You to - “ClientsValley Super Funnels”

The ClientsValley Super Funnel is the Perfect Resolution to all your sales and income problems online.

Now what makes our sales funnel completely unique is that we build a unique sales funnel with a unique flow for our clients. And we build them with a custom made sales funnel software we install right on your website or server.

This means that your sales funnel won't be competing with thousands or hundreds of thousands of other sales funnels out there. When people visit your sales funnel, you stand out and they can easily sense that you're an authority in your field - even if you're just starting out!

Our designers and developers get to work to design and develop your unique high converting sales funnel - installed right on your website or server.

You don't have to touch a thing and you don't have to pay monthly fees for your sales funnel like most of those mass-production sales funnels out there!

Here's What You'll Enjoy When You Get Your Ultra High Converting Funnel Today:

  • 1
    Increased credibility and authority: When you get your funnel, it dramatically increases your credibility and builds your authority in your marketplace!
  • 2
    Decreased Cost Per Acquisition: After your funnel has been built and installed, you'll notice that you spend a lot less $$ to get a new customer through the door. Which means more profits for you. 
  • 3
    Skyrocketing of sales on autopilot: If you're used to making sales inconsistently, or you spend most of your time looking for new customers, you'll notice in a few short weeks after your funnel has been built that your sales happen almost on autopilot and it's becoming more consistent and easy! 
  • 4
    Conversion of more customers: If you're already converting people into customers, you will notice that even more people are beginning to take your marketing more seriously and making purchases as a result.
  • 5
    Better sleep: Since your funnel makes you more sales and makes your life easier, you start enjoying better Zzzz at night with no worries or feeling of uncertainty.
  • 6
    Business becomes FUN: Well, this is an obvious one. Since you make more money and sleep better at night, you look forward to working more on your business because you love the results you get. Your business becomes more FUN instead of being a burden, an obligation or a nightmare.
ClientsValley High Converting Sales Funnel Sample

ClientsValley High Converting Sales Funnels


See what our customers have to say:

"Kennedy's service is the best on the entire Warrior Forum..."

"I've been on the Warrior Forum since its inception in 1999 learning how to market online, and I can confidently tell you that Kennedy's service is the best on the whole WF. Kennedy went above and beyond my expectations.

Him and his team developed a funnel that makes me an average of $10,000 per month on a side business that is part of my chiropractic work. My disclaimer is that I have a great product, so I don't want anyone thinking that they can make $10,000 monthly on the side like me, if you don't have what I have.

Kennedy is a REAL PROFESSIONAL and an expert at what he does. Trust me this services is worth a lot but I got a bargain here on the Warrior Forum. Keep up the great work, Kennedy. I'm your fan as long as you're in business."

Dr. B

Jacksonville Chiropractor

"The quality of the service is second to none..."

"First I want to apologize for leaving a late review. However, I wanted to make sure that my funnel was okay, legit an profitable before writing a review. So here a review from someone (me) whose funnel has been running for almost 2 months PROFITABLY.

First, the quality of this service is second to none I've purchased in the last 5 years. This team of funnel experts build from a deep knowledge of what sells and how to structure it to sell. They're real marketers developing funnels for real marketers. Just 3 days ago, my funnel did over $400 in profits in just one day. That's not sales, but pure profit.

That's the best $3000 I've spent in my whole marketing career. Returns on Investment is literally through the roof. My advice: purchase this service if you're tired of all the craps and junk out there..."

Casper Hanson


How to Get Your High Converting Sales Funnel in 6 Easy Steps:

  • 1
    Choose a package: Choose any one of our packages below and place your order with confidence.
  • 2
    Fill out a short questionnaire: When you're done, you will see a short questionnaire asking for some information about your business. It's nothing intrusive. We just want to know what you sell, and at what price points. We also want to know your goals and how you've been trying to hit those goals.
  • 3
    First contact made: Based on the information you provide, we would need to contact you via phone or email to get even more information.
  • 4
    Funnel building and testingThen we will build out the entire funnel for you, install it on your website or server and then run a small traffic package to test the conversion rate.
  • 5
    Funnel tweakingIf the conversion rate is fantastic, we will hand the funnel over to you. But if it's not so great, we'll tweak it up as the case may be and re-test it until it's converting great.
  • 6
    Enjoy record sales: Then you can go ahead and start enjoying more sales, consistent income and better sleep at night!

Ready to Get Started With Your High Converting Funnel?


Ultra high converting sales funnel for a thriving business

  • PowerPoint presentation to capture qualified leads
  • 4 sales funnel pages well-designed and optimized for best conversions
  • 30-day email series written by world class copywriters
  • Setup of funnel on your website 
  •  Integration with your CRM
  • Free Installation of sales funnel software 
  • 30-day Facebook ad setup and management 
  • Live chat, email and phone support
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee



100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't increase your sales or revenues after 30 days of building your ultra high converting sales funnel (which is almost impossible), just let us know and we'll build you a brand new funnel for free - at no extra charge.

"$15,000 in monthly profits..."

"After reading so many reviews about this service, I decided to take a leap of faith. And sure enough, my leap of faith paid off!

Although it took a while on the team's end to complete the funnel, but boy! was it worth the wait. I purchased the complete sales funnel service with some 3 extras about 3 months ago. After months of tests, I'm now at $15,000 in monthly profits. This is so far the best service on the warrior forum and possible on the entire internet!

If you're still thinking of getting one of Kennedy's service., don't hesitate. Grab the offer and jump in because you won't regret your decision!! Kennedy, here's my advice: double the price of the services so I can have less competition. lol. Thanks for putting out this sweet deal for those of us sensible enough to take action."


Health Coach

"They're the Pros in this field..."

"I had the good fortune of having Kennedy and Chris manage my latest project for our fitness products. I took up a few of their services which they offered at discounted prices, about $6,000 total. Very grateful for this.

They're the pros in this field and you can rely on them without any worries. For those who are yet to test out their services, don't blink or think twice because this team is a team of marketers who build for marketers. They know their stuff and they over deliver.

This is perfect for newbies and veterans alike. At this promo price, I can't help but order for another funnel for another line of our products. They have just completed the building of the funnels and we will start running ads to them. But sales are beginning to pour in from organic traffic from my Facebook posts!

My advice: grab this opportunity while you can. Even though the promotional price will end, they're definitely worth to outsource these heavy lifting tasks.

Verdict: I'm truly impressed by this team's professionalism and work quality . Keep it up! Cheers."


Former CEO, FitnessPro Inc.

"It's hard to say how much Kennedy's service over-delivers..."

"I bought one of Kennedy's $5,000 done-for-you sales funnel packages a while back and honestly, I'm a bit hesitant to leave a review so he doesn't get too busy for me.

But.. you gotta give credit where it's due. I't's really hard to explain how Kennedy's service over-delivers. I mean, I really tried. Literally. I tried typing out everything that helped me make more money since buying this service but realized that it's going to take way too much time to cover everything. 

So instead... let me just say this: This is not some push button system that will get you rich. But if you recognize what this is and how you can make money from it, this is easily one of the highest quality done-for-you funnels out there money can buy. 

Kennedy was a pleasure and very easy to work with. And I hope to do business with him again in the foreseeable future."


Singaporean Therapist

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"So place your order RIGHT NOW with full confidence and assurance of top quality service and I will make sure I put a B.I.G smile on your face like I did for tons of our clients.”

To your success,

Coach Kennedy Cee

P.S. - With a targeted traffic and the right high converting sales funnel, magic can happen in your life and business. Place your order now, sit back, relax and watch your life and business change as your sales and income shoot up!

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